Packing Services

When preparing to move, packing your items is one of the most important factors to consider when moving to your new location.

As a reliable moving company in Toronto and the GTA, we believe that proper planning and attention to detail separate the best movers from average and inefficient moving services. In order to minimize your moving expenses, always have your items completely packed.


Packing is the most time-consuming part of moving as it requires repetitive wrapping and boxing, yet it’s considered the most important to avoid potential headaches during and after your move.

We offer professional packing services which will ensure that all your items and belongings will arrive at your moving destination without being damaged during transit. Our packing services utilize a color-coded sticker system to ensure the correct placement of your items, furniture and equipment for fast unloading.

If you choose to use our packing services, our packers will arrive at your home the day before, or day of (pending on the volume of items to be packed) your move.

The packing fees involved are solely based on the “number of packers required for your move, plus the materials used to pack your items.” Our experienced packers will generally complete all of your packing requirements within the same day.

Packing Materials

Our packing services will supply you with packing materials such as boxes, wrapping material, tape, etc. We also offer optional packing options such as carton rentals- please inquire.

Moreover, if you prefer to pack you’re your own items but cannot obtain suitable packing materials, please let us know and we’ll gladly help to facilitate your needs.

* Self-Packing tips


If you would like S & Sons Movers to assume full liability for any damages, we must unpack your items as well. Hence, we suggest that you have us unpack your fragile items for peace of mind.

We can provide both partial and full unpacking services as per your request, allowing you to focus your time and efforts in other aspects of your move such as reorganizing and cleaning. When we complete unpacking your boxes or cartons, we can also remove all packing materials for your convenience. To avoid any minimum charges, please book your unpacking services on the same day of your moving day. By doing so, our movers can swiftly unpack your items once your belongings have been moved to your new location.


Regardless of what moving services you choose, or if you even choose to use S & Sons Movers as your moving company, we can also provide labourers only.

In cases where you already have your own transportation but do not have the manpower to load and unload your items, our moving crew can help you. This can be ideal for long distance moves.