Self-Packing Tips

(Keep in mind that S & Sons Moving is not responsible for loss or damage to articles that you pack yourself.)

Use sturdy cartons with a lid that can be sealed tightly and don’t overfill them. Open cartons take longer to move because they are more difficult to carry and stack. All moves are billed on an hourly basis, so using cartons rented from S & Sons may save you money because they are more efficient to move.

Pack large and heavy items first, then pack smaller items filling in the empty spaces. Periodically lift the carton to check the weight.

Label your boxes. Mark “unpack first” on boxes that contain items you will need right away. Mark “fragile” on cartons that contain breakable items. We recommend using coloured stickers instead of righting on boxes,- it is faster to recognise.

Pack plates on their edges and pack stemware with the stem side up. Table lamps should be packed in cartons with the shade separate. Leave folded clothes in dresser drawers but remove all breakables and jewellery.

Bundle all long handled tools together with packing tape. Empty all fuels from motorized equipment such as lawnmowers and motorcycles. Gas stoves and dryers must be serviced by a qualified technician to prepare them for the move.

What not to pack:
Fuels and oils, flammable liquids, food in glass jars, perishable goods, aerosol cans, bleach, prescription drugs, plants, paint, turpentine, varnish, firearms, ammunition, corrosives, matches.

For best results and insurance coverage, have S & Sons Movers pack:
Marble or glass tabletops, slate pool tables, heavy wall ornaments, mirrors 40 x 60 inches or larger, bulky items, fragile items, major appliances.

Take these items with you:
Cash, firearms (consult local laws), coin or stamp collections, securities, personal papers, special family photographs, jewellery, furs, deeds, documents related to your move.
It’s less risky to let S & Sons pack for you, but if you decide to do it yourself, follow these guidelines and your goods will be safer.

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