Making Move Day a Stress-free for Seniors

One of the most difficult challenges a widow or widower can face is deciding to move out of your longtime home and into a new living situation. Even if you embrace the move, it’s important to recognize that there is going to be emotion and nostalgia on the actual day.

With that in mind, you may want to consider whether you even want to be there on the day. Having a family member or caregiver present on your behalf provides support, comfort and ease with this transition. Whether present for the actual move, you should be involved in choosing which keepsakes stay and go. Planning is key, so start early with a simple colour-coded system (green dots for sold or give away, red for keeping [within the family or one’s new residence], and yellow for later consideration). This can help with the overwhelming stress of making all decisions at once, and may transform some of the experience into a positive, pleasant event. Gifting, donating, are good things to focus on as moving day approaches.

Picking a slow day to move could save hundreds of dollars, and be applied to your new home. Add too, it makes for a more relaxed environment in moving. Have the movers pack all the breakables, as these are covered by their insurance, and let family pack books and non – breakable items.

Moving is a seasonal business, so take advantage of rates. If winter can be managed, you’ll save monies. If move in the summer, try and make your house closing on the15th of the month. Consider too the weekend: a less busy time for traffic and deadlines.
In your new home, unpacking (by family and caregivers) should take place as promptly as possible, easing the transition along.

Get at least three estimates for your move, and compare apples to apples, namely, the size of the truck, rates for packing and unpacking, cost for packing materials, additional services, insurance and payment terms. Lastly, consider personal referrals, the company’s reputation or BBB/BNI record.

SIX THINGS to consider when choosing S & SONS MOVING for such a move:

    Expert service in home, apartment, and condominium or senior’s relocation.
    Our ‘On time service’ standard has never missed or cancelled a job.
    Friendly, helpful, uniformed professional staff from booking to completion. We
    honour the terms of our contract.
    Our business is built on satisfied repeat clients
    and referrals. All furniture is properly protected, rubber runners used on floors,
    beds bagged, sofas plastic wrapped.
    Our fully serviced vehicles are stocked with all the necessary equipment for a
    stress – free move.
    We deliver on all promises and commitments with BBB Reliability and
    to BNI Member Standards.

Let S & Sons Moving and Packing help in making this important transition and decision. We’ll take care of your move so you may take care of yourself.

Let us move you to your new place with a happy face!

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