Tips: Moving and Packing Services


Tips: Moving and Packing Services


Write A List of Things You Need and Don’t Need


Most Toronto moving and packing services will charge by weight, and so if you’re thinking of taking every item from your current home to your new residence, expect to pay top dollars.


Your best bet is to write a list of “essential” items (hint: if you have to think twice, it’s probably not an essential item) which you will take to your new home, and belongings which will either be given or sold to others.


For example, if there are toys and clothes that your children no longer need or utilizing, put these in bags and donate them to local nonprofit donation centers.  Try filling up a garbage bag full of clothes or toys and you’ll realize that the weight adds up!



Have Extra Moving Accessories


Just because you hire moving and packing services does not mean that you should not have any moving supplies on hand, even though the movers will be providing packing and moving supplies. The main supplies which you should gather include: cardboard boxes, masking tape, markers, staplers and staples, garbage bags, bubble wrap, envelopes and stickers for labeling your items. Being prepared will only expedite your move in an organized fashion.



A Room Per Day


Start off by moving things out of a room at least two weeks before your moving date.  Instead of cramming everything which will need to be moved all in a day or two (which will only frustrate yourself), try the “one room per day” method which will bring you peace of mind.  So you spend a day organizing the dining room, then the next day packing up the basement- underutilized common areas of your home.



Cancel or Transfer Service


This is probably a great time to re-evaluate services that you have subscribed to, and decide whether or not you would like to continue receiving them (e.g. Netflix, high speed internet).  A lot of the times, we procrastinate and tend to put things aside…and wasting money for “stuff” we really don’t need.  Think about it- the amount of money you save on a monthly basis from unnecessary or non-essential services could go towards a nice dinner every month.


On the other hand, there are services which you will definitely need to transfer such as your mail.  So visit your local Canada Post office and advise them of your moving date, and decide if you will be requiring their mailbox services (i.e. to hold all of your mail for an indefinite period of time), or to have your mail directly forwarded to your new residential address.


Lastly, call your creditors and ask them to transfer account statements to the new address.


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