Tips When Moving Out of a Condo

Tips When Moving Out of a Condo


Selecting a Residential and Condo Mover


As a result of the thousands of condo units in Toronto, you’ll find many residential movers who cater towards moving residents who live in a condominium.  And so the question becomes, “which moving company do I go with?”  Well, you’ll first need to find condo movers who are licensed and insured.

Secondly, find a mover that is not just reputable, but has a recent track record of moving condo renters and home owners.  And when you meet with a person representing each moving company, the estimates received should be cut and dry, and consistent with one another.  An example of a basic question which an experienced mover should ask you is “the times which the condominium allows for elevators to be reserved or booked for moving purposes.”  This is an important matter because if by chance there are any delays with regards to coordinating elevators and loading entrances, the movers will bill you for their time.


And this of course leads to hidden and additional fees which movers may charge you, and so be sure to inquire what is NOT included in the moving quote received.


Lastly, get references and read reviews of the companies online.  Taking your time to source out a quality mover will save you the possibility of financial headaches down the road.


Clear Out Your Condo Locker Weeks in Advance


Chances are, you probably have a designated locker within your condo which is used as a storage unit.  A good idea is to clear out those items weeks in advance, simply because items purposely stored in a locker usually are not important to the individual.  Thus, you might as well get a good kickstart to your move by clearing out the locker so that you only need to focus on moving all of your belongings out of your condo unit.


As common courtesy, give the condo a thorough cleaning before moving out. Start by sweeping the floors, then mop them.  Clean out your refrigerator, cabinets, oven and closets with an all purpose cleaner.


Contact Your Landlord


If you are renting the condo, be sure to thoroughly read the Ontario “Residential Tenancies Act” ( before notifying your landlord.  That way, the landlord will know that you realize what the terms & conditions are (i.e. avoid being bilked by the landlord) prior to your departure.  Clear up any unresolved matters with your landlord before moving forward, to avoid any issues.


Preparing to move to another location is generally more tedious than difficult.  Your move can be difficult if you do not complete your due diligence on the moving company hired. So the best logical advice would be to prepare well ahead of time- the earlier the better.


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