Commercial moving

S & Sons Commercial Movers brings the ease and peace of mind when you require the moving services of commercial movers within Toronto and the GTA. We are a family owned and operated moving company headquartered in Etobicoke, providing commercial moving services in Etobicoke, Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, or anywhere within the GTA.

We are reliable Etobicoke movers providing full commercial moving services for large corporations, small offices, and everything in between. Whether you’re moving items within Toronto, the GTA, or nationally, our commercial movers will carefully help you facilitate your moving needs from start to finish.

There are many aspects involved in relocating your office or business. We believe that a successful commercial move is largely dependent upon proper planning. With this important transition, it’s essential to consider using a professional Canadian moving company to move both yourself and your commercial possessions in an efficient manner.

Having to operate a commercial business is complicated enough, let alone having to be inconvenienced by unorganized and unprofessional commercial movers. And for this reason, that is why you should consider allowing our knowledgeable commercial movers to manage your move. Our commercial moving services include the proper design and implementation of a business move that will suit your needs, and work around your schedule to minimize interruption within your business operation.

At S & Sons Moving Services, our commercial movers are dedicated to providing excellent service, and understand the specific requirements business and corporate clients demand. We will always attend to your commercial moving needs with the utmost attention and meticulous care. One of our commercial moving specialists will provide you with an evaluation and a moving plan tailored to suit your business needs and schedule.

Minimal Disruption & Downtime

When you’re moving your business, downtime equates to lost revenue. S & Sons Commercial Moving offers flexible moving services to accommodate your businesses and employees’ needs by carefully planning and executing a proper move. We examine your current and future facilities to determine efficient logistics. Our knowledgeable and professional staff will coordinate all facets of your move.

Our commercial moving team consists of trained professionals committed to safely relocating your office furniture and commercial equipment to your new location. We can facilitate any commercial move, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You’ll always be designated a single point of contact whom you can contact until your move has been completed.

As reiterated above, our focus is to provide moving services which minimize disruption and downtime within a business for all our commercial clients. As a full service moving company, we offer both weekend and after hour moves to accommodate your demanding schedules. In short, we’ll do whatever it takes to make your move a success.

Color-coded Packing Services

We also offer packing and unpacking services using our color-coded sticker system to ensure correct placement of your items, furniture and equipment. You can also count on our commercial movers to reassemble your furniture on-site and helping with your space planning.

Commercial Moving TIPS!!

At S & Sons Commercial moving we recommend to place color-coded labels on each piece that needs to be moved. The labels could serve as a sign as to where each object belongs. Labeling is a key part of moving offices that is often overlooked. Make sure to label all equipment and furniture that is being moved. The label should be placed prominently on the package and should immediately and easily inform the mover of exactly where the package is to be moved.

Also, the contents of desks, bookcases, shelving units, and lateral systems should be removed and packed separately. The contents of pull drawer filing cabinets generally should not be emptied. They should remain in their location, but be kept secure with either a lock or strong Packing Tape.


A complete packing job is essential for an efficient office move. Our experienced packers are available on a time plus materials rate.

Fill cartons to the top and tape securely. Do not over-fill the cartons as they will be stacked during transit.

Cartons, tape and bubble wrap are available for purchase, and we will arrange delivery for you.

The bottom of each carton must be properly taped.

Stationery and supplies stored in cabinets must be packed.

Computers and specialized equipment

Consult the manufacturer or supplier – in most cases this equipment will require servicing before and after the move.

General Suggestions

Employee cars and company vehicles must be removed from loading and unloading zones. Trucks require a large area for backing up and turning.

Make arrangements for uninterrupted elevator service at both your origin and destination. Our representative will advise you on elevator requirements.

Water coolers, pencil sharpeners and other fixtures should be removed from the walls before the time of the move.

Pictures and mirrors must be taken down and leaned against the walls. Special cartons will be brought on moving day to transport them safely.

Rugs should be taken up and re-laid in advance.

Limit your own personnel just enough to maintain proper liaison with our supervisor.

After our commercial moving consultant assesses the nature of your business and takes all of your special moving requirements into consideration, we will submit a detailed sales proposal. This will outline how S & SONS MOVING will handle your move with a competitive quotation, and a viable moving plan to assure you a stress-free relocation with minimum interruption and downtime.