Tips to help you prepare for a Major Move

Whatever the reason or situation, if you’re planning a Toronto residential move in the foreseeable future, remember that advance planning will make a big difference in how smoothly things go, and how quickly you’ll be able to adjust to your new lifestyle and/or surrounding. Here are a few basic steps to follow:

1. Reduce clutter well in advance of moving day. Sorting early means less packing, moving and unpacking. This is critical when downsizing. Since sorting could involve sentimental items, or belongings of grown children now living elsewhere, it’s best separated from the stress of moving day. If necessary, consider renting storage space for these items.

2. If your next home requires a major renovation, consider bridge financing that will allow you to carry two homes at once, thereby making the transition much easier.

3. In addition to predictable on-time costs, such as legal fees, tax adjustments and movers, consider new long-term costs, such as utilities, parking, commuting, and insurance fees, especially when moving to or from a more densely populated area.

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