Cheap movers in Toronto

Cheap movers in Toronto


The novelty of moving to a new home is generally a positive outlook and feeling for most people since everything is new and fresh- neighbors, streets, amenities, unfamiliar territory, etc.


However, the precursor to arriving in your new residence is the actual moving part which most will agree is a hassle and can come with snags if unprepared.


After you’ve figured out where you’re relocating to, then comes the tedious process of getting prepared prior to the big move.  You’ll have to deal with things such organizing, sorting, acquiring moving supplies, packing, and transportation to haul everything to the new destination.


Now having said all of the above, do you still want to take on the move on your own?  Better yet, do you have the time and resources to carry it out successfully?


Hmmm, I think most people in the GTA will lean towards “hiring professional movers” to get the job done headache-free.


However, with today’s economic struggles, money can be tight and as a result, many folks have a tight bad wrapped around their wallets.  Hence, finding an affordable mover within the big city of Toronto is always the focal point and objective before considering other factors.


Here are a few simple tips in finding (cheap) movers in Toronto which will save you money, and a headache.



Moving tips


Finding affordable movers in Toronto can be a tough task cause you’re either going to find a cheap mover that will possibly create more headaches down the road, or one that offers inexpensive moving services but with mediocre service, or lastly, you may find a very fair moving company that offers excellent full service.


As a generalization, large movers will tend to charge more for their services because they have a select clientele which they service, or they have minimums whereby they will not take up a moving job unless the invoice amount is “X” dollars in total (i.e. they are not desperate for business, and so they will be selective on the jobs they accept).


Thus, you’ll probably realize that the cheaper movers are also the local small movers from Oakville to Pickering, and downtown Toronto up to Richmond Hill that would like your business.  Moreover, be assured that these smaller moving companies will do whatever it takes to provide the most competitive service and pricing possible in order to convert you from a consumer to a customer.   So be patient, shop around, and take your time.


When you speak with a representative from each company, be forthright and ask about current specials and discounts- no need to be shy, cause it’s your money.  Chances are, whoever you speak with will surely offer you a competitive rate and/or discount cause they will most likely know that you are a serious potential customer who is shopping around.


And lastly, if you do receive a “killer deal,” be weary and ask questions to avoid being scammed (we’ve all heard of scamming movers in media and so don’t be a statistics)


Hey now, “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is” right?



Where to find them


There are approximately 6,000 to 9000 moving companies in Toronto and across the GTA, and so you’re bound to find cheap movers.  It’s best to start local and if you follow these steps, you should find what you’re looking for and within your budget.


1. Ask neighbors, friends, family and coworkers if they have any recommendations because then you’ll know their opinions are honest and accurate! (lots of user-generated reviews are questionable and biased)


2. Pick up a local paper (Metro news, Mississauga Mews, Toronto Sun, Toronto Star) and check out their classifieds.


3. Go online and checkout http://www.Kijiji.ca, and


Moving on a budget may be a little stressful at first, but never impossible. If you stick to the above tips and you’ll find that ideal mover which suits your needs.


Why not start by contacting us, S & Sons Moving, to realize how we can simplify and take care of all your moving needs?


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