Toronto Moving and Storage Services


Toronto Moving and Storage Services


Are you moving to a new place, but your new home isn’t ready as of yet?  Are you trying to downsize or moving to a smaller home but unsure of where your excess items are going to go? These are common dilemmas for many people, and most will agree that it can be a headache.


The positive aspect of moving is that you’re entering new territory- everything is fresh, the environment is new, it’s unfamiliar territory, and so the novelty is at its peak which excites many people.  On the other hand, before you can experience that excitable desire to explore your new grounds, you first have to complete a swift move.  Headaches usually occur when you’re disorganized and not ready.  Preparation is key to anything in life, and so starting off with the basics of hiring a Toronto moving (and possibly storage) service company is your first step.


Storage Containers


Movers that also offer storage services is a great option to consider because you simply cannot predict what snags may lay ahead during your move.  Who knows, there’s always a chance that an item in your current home can’t fit into your new residence, or you decide last minute that it’s something that you don’t need at the present time but do not want to get rid of it.


If the movers do not have in-house storage for customers, they will likely connect you with a public storage facility across the GTA which they work with to offer you a variety of different storage options at competitive rates.


The most common type of storage suitable for the needs of home owners is typically a “storage container,” or what can also be referred to as a “pod.”


A typical standard size storage container can fit “one and a half (1 ½) rooms with items inside it.”  As a result, you can scale accordingly.


The benefits of mobile storage containers is that moving & storage companies will allow you to transport the pod to your desired location, or give you the option to leave it on their property- wherever is convenient for you.


You can load and unload as much as you can fit within the container, and if you need assistance with the loading and unloading, some moving and storage services will offer you assistance (at a cost of course).


Lastly, the storage containers can be used for short or long term durations. You’ll find that most service providers are quite flexible.




Still debating on using a moving and storage service over a U-haul type of trailer rental service to store your items?


For starters, some companies are flexible and will give you a sufficient number of days to load and unload, in contrary to moving truck rentals which will typically give you a day to load and offload.


Secondly, it may be difficult to find a last minute trailer rental, or even harder to find a reliable one (that’s the last thing you need).  And if you do find one, it may not be the right size- either too big or not big enough.


Lastly, when you hire a moving and storage company, you’re dealing with people.  Thus, they will cater to your needs in a timely fashion, work around your schedule, and help you to the best of their abilities since they are in a service-related business.  Furthermore, reputation is key and so they thrive off your positive experience.


In summary, renting a storage container is a great option to consider when moving because they offer low rates with no hidden, registration, or set up fees.  So hire a Toronto moving and storage service today to take that excess weight off your back.

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