Finding Reputable Piano Moving Services

Finding Reputable Piano Moving Services


Musicians and Music Store


Do a Google search on “music stores” and contact retailers who sell pianos.  If they’re selling pianos, they will surely have a moving company that handles the delivery of all of their piano purchases.  Secondly, if you know of any musicians, give them a call and ask them if they know of any movers that could help you.


Real Estate Agent


Your real estate agent is a fantastic source of information when looking for a good piano moving service.  Your agent will surely have a list of movers which they offer their clients when moving in, and moving out of homes.  The realtor can simply provide you with that list, and you can call each company accordingly to obtain an in-home estimate (e.g. based on the weight of the piano).  Ask the movers how they intend to protect your piano from damage, and what the terms & conditions are in the case of damage sustained during transportation (i.e. insurance amount).


Google Reviews


Another way to find a good piano moving service is to read a few customer reviews from Google search.  Google Places is a great avenue to read reviews on companies which offer piano moving services in Toronto and across the GTA.  Chances are, you’re going to come across negative comments and reviews but don’t be quick to judge because the individuals themselves may not always be fair with their assessments, or the comments stated could possibly be a biased review (competitor or ex-employee).  On that note, the company could have hired bad employees in the past which resulted in the bad reviews, and restructured thereafter bringing forth more positive reviews.  After all, this is business and it can undergo many cycles.  Hence, read through the reviews and take note of the positive reviews and their time frames- if there are recent positive reviews, then it could be a reputable company.


When contacting the company, ask them simple questions such as, “How they transport a grand piano from one home to another?”  If they know what they’re doing, the person you speak with should be able to describe the transport process in a nutshell.  Moreover, ask them for 3 references who were recent customers who had their pianos moved by the company.  This way, you’re bound to receive unbiased reviews and testimonials on their moving services.


Friends and Relatives


You may have friends or relatives who have previously used piano moving services, and so asking them for referrals would be a good route as well.




If your friends and relatives don’t know of any piano moving services, you can always ask neighbors who may play instruments or have a piano of their own.  Ask your neighbor if they know of any moving services which transport heavy and delicate musical instruments such as a piano or a harp.  If your neighbor can’t help, they may have a family member or friend who has one of those instruments and could possibly ask them on your behalf.  It doesn’t hurt to ask, right?


In summary, there are many ways you can locate a good piano moving service and once you find one, it will make moving easier for you and you can focus more on the excitement of moving to the new home. Make sure you get the contract in writing so that if problems arise, you can refer to the contract terms to resolve issues you may have.


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