Finding & Hiring Cheap Toronto Movers

Finding & Hiring Cheap Toronto Movers


 Cheap movers can be good, but be careful


We are in an economic crunch when every person is looking to stretch their dollar as much as possible.  And we all know that when it comes to moving, the fees which movers will charge add up and can get quite expensive.  Without generalizing, seeking out the cheapest movers in Toronto is great with regards to a financial perspective, but be sure that the service is not compromised.


When researching Toronto residential movers, be very selective- tally up several quotes, and be sure that you’re comparing “apples with apples” with regards to the services offered.  Never settle for less, and express your concerns and objectives without hesitation.  After all, the moving company wants your business and so they’ll work with you to finalize an agreement that’s beneficial for both parties. When you obtain moving estimates, ask the movers what is NOT INCLUDED in the estimate (in lieu of “what’s included”) so that you have a clear understanding of what additional fees you may be responsible for without any surprises which could be costly.  And once the movers provide you with a written statement or quotation, then you can proceed forward in signing the contract with the company.


Cheap or not, they better be licensed and insured


Regardless of whether the movers are expensive or cheap, you best make sure that they are legit- professional movers will be licensed.  Moreover, an established moving company within the GTA will be fully insured in the case that something happened to your items during the movie process (i.e. lost or damaged belongings).  That way, if your transported belongings go missing or are damaged,  you’ll be financially compensated from the mover’s insurance company.


If the moving company offers moving insurance, find out how much you’re covered for.  And if you feel the coverage from their insurance is too low, then contact other movers that are willing to offer you better coverage.


3 must-ask questions


Be upfront, be specific, and don’t be shy:  Ask the movers how long they have been in business?  Are their employees full-time, part-time, or are they temporary (seasonal) workers?  In the case of your items being damaged, how much are you insured for?  Why do the movers consider themselves better than their competitors?  Recent customer references?


Toronto movers are probably better

 When deciding on a national or local mover that is based in Toronto, you should choose a local moving company within Toronto simply because they’ll likely charge less to transport your items to the new home compared to a national chain which may charge you more (some national chains have affiliate moving companies under their organization, and so there may be brokered fees which will likely be incurred in the quotation).  Moreover, the local movers are more likely to resolve problems quicker than the national chains since they have staff readily available to attend to your needs within Toronto locations.

To make the moving process easier, choose good Toronto residential movers who have many years of experience and who will conduct business in a professional manner. Read reviews of different movers in Toronto and if you see a lot of negative reviews, this could mean that the moving company is not the best choice for you.

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