Tips on Moving Across Canada

Tips on Moving Across Canada


Choosing The Right Canadian Long Distance Moving Services

 First of all, you will need to research and arrange an appointment with the right Canadian long distance moving services before you start packing.  As a rule of thumb, if you’re dealing with a moving company that is national, then they should be nationally based- have subsidiary, sister, or affiliate offices across Canadian provinces.  That’s usually the first filter you should seek out, which will indicate that the movers are indeed long distance movers with presence across all boundaries.  And moving companies that do have several operating locations will generally have a longer track record or history in offering reputable moving services for each metropolitan city from Vancouver, to Toronto, to Halifax.  Pick an established service that has been around for at least ten years and that has an established reputation within business associations throughout Canada.

Avoid Moving During Summer Months

 Unless it is absolutely necessary for you to move to your new destination city during the peak summer months, it’s not a good idea to pack up and go across borders in the summer because it’s the ideal conditions to move which correlates to “busiest” and “most expensive.”  And as you can already imagine, you’re likely to pay an even higher premium above the cost to move and transport long distance- labor, man hours, fuel, time, accommodations, etc…it all adds up.  As a result, try moving during the fall and winter months.  If you live in Toronto, they’ll probably be swamped with bookings and so it’s a good idea is to book GTA movers at least a few months in advance to secure your spot.

Look for Ways to Save Money on Moving Expenses

 Since Canadian long distance moving services will take up the core majority of your moving expenses, look for ways to cut down on “line item” expenses.  A great example would be to use large garbage bags instead of purchasing many boxes for packing because bags can conform to odd spaces within a moving truck which ultimately means you can pack more items onto the truck.  This is especially a good idea if you do not have many large scale items in the place you are moving from.  Sourcing out inexpensive storage bins will also reduce your overall costs of moving.

Label Your Packages

 Be organized.  The reason why proper and clear labeling is critical is because it helps you and movers to organize and put items away once you arrive at the new home, and keeps you from having to expend time looking through many boxes to locate items during unloading and unpacking.  Furthermore, if you’re paying the movers to unpack, this will save you money.

Donate, Sell and Give Away Unwanted Items

 Most Canadian long distance moving services charge for their services by the volume of items you have, and so it’d be a good idea to donate, sell, or give away unwanted items before your move out day. Go through your items and dispose things that are in poor condition, and the items that are in good condition should be sorted out to determine which ones will be donated, sold, or given away.



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